Friday, November 30, 2007

Dad's Eulogy

It is my privilege today to say a few words to celebrate the life of a wonderful person, our brother, Madeline’s devoted husband, Tina, BJ, and Kassie"s adoring father and a "Poppy" that was idolized by Colby, Joey and Allen.

With Brian, his wife, his family, the little town of Hr Main and his friends came 1st: a close 2nd were the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Blue Jays. He loved life and loved being involved with everything he loved... A good example of that was being involved with and volunteering with the Sackville Blazers - he put his heart and soul into doing the best job as equipment manager that he possibly do. His dream job was working at the Sackville Arena where he was lovingly know at the "Zamboni Man" and a good perk was that he got to all the hockey games free.

He never forgot the small town of Hr Main, where her grew up - the highlight of his day was to read the Evening Telegram on line, he knew who died, got married, had babies, got divorced before this family who lived in NFLD. His body may have moved to Nova Scotia 30 years ago but his heart and soul never left the ROCK.

Brian's life was for Madeline, Tina, BJ and Kassie. Madeline is an extension of Brian-we never refer to just one of them, their names were always linked - it was always - have to talked to Brian and Madeline lately or what are Brian and Madeline up to these days? They were not only husband and wife but best friends.

Brian touched so many people - there are many, many people who are honored to call him friend. They loved his sense of humor and fun loving ways - you could not be down or depressed if Brian was around, some how he would get a laugh out of you or a smile - that was just a part of his nature.

The last month has been like a roller-coaster for the family. Everything was happening so fast but Brian never gave up hope. He accepted that he had a serious condition but was ready to do whatever had to be done to fix it. During the brief time that a lung transplant was a possibility, he always kept a very positive and hopeful attitude and right to the end he fought to keep hope alive. Even though he did not give up hope he still wanted to be prepared for "the worst case scenario" - his main concern was for Madeline. He wanted to know that she would be alright and she assured him that she would. He also wanted to be assured that his final wishes would be carried out. He wanted his final resting place to be in Hr Main where his mother, father and brother Joe are resting and this is already in place to happen in June.

The greatest gift passed on to Brian from our Father is the ability to be the greatest "Poppy" he could possibly be. Colby was his pride and joy for 4 years then came Joey and Allan whom he loved equally. He was so proud of them and I know the he will live on through them.

On a personal note from myself, my sister Renie and my brothers Mike and Clar- he was our brother, we loved him and he will be sadly missed.

Mom fowarded this to me yesterday. This is the eulogy that my aunts and uncles wrote for dad. Due to (in my opinion) crazy new rules at our church, they were not allowed to read it in the church, so a lot of people didn't get to hear this.

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Nanc said...

BEAUTIFUL well written, and yes, very unfortunate it wasn't said at least afterwards at the reception. Please know you and your family are still in my prayers. I hope to get by to see your Mom in the next week or so.