Thursday, November 22, 2007

A trip around Colby's school

They had a safety "gathering" at Colby's school last night. EMTs and the fire dept were there. This is all the kids that were there. Colby is in the first row in the blue shirt on the far left and Joey is in the arms of my friend Tracey (EMT) in the back row. Colby's classroom. The group of desks in the front are the grade 1's and the smaller group in the back are grade 2. Colby now sits and works with the grade 2 kids. More of Colby's classroom. Tracey and Peter (EMTs) and the fire chief. Me and the kids playing around. This was the best find in my opinion of all the things I found while second hand shopping. This hat is 100% rabbit fur and cost me a whopping 1.50!


Anonymous said...

cool hat!!!!!

Kara and Matt said...

Schools around the north are so much alike! In Hay River, and here the schools and the college all have the same ceilings! Some contractor made a lot of money at one time. And your hat looks great! I scavenged one similar for free, but it has a fabric cover. But those bunny cheek flaps are the best!

Valentina said...

LOVE the hat!It looks like you will need it this winter... And I was complaining just the other day at how cold it got here lately... +4 degrees C. I guess I won't say anything anymore! LOL