Friday, February 29, 2008

1 sleep down, 13 to go

Rob left yesterday for 2 weeks. He is right now in Black Lake, SK doing a relief for a manager who is going to the manager's conference in Winnipeg next week. It's strange to be here by myself at night. I hear every creak the house makes. And there is a hand game tournament in town this weekend, and of course Rob has the camera. We really need 2 cameras.

As I'm sure most of you all now know, we have been transferred to Hay River. Rob will be finishing his training there before we are transferred again to our "permanent" location. Everyone is telling us how much we are going to love Hay River. The manager that is currently there has been there for 5 years, which is almost a record for this company. It is also good for me, because when Rob goes to Fort Ware in May it will be a bigger town with more things to do with the boys.

I'm not one to normally follow the news, and even less likely to comment on what I see here. But there is something I really need to blog about. Did the media NOT think it was a bad idea to report that Prince Harry is serving in the war, and then take it one step further and show video and pictures of him and his comrads??? Really people, why not just paint him in neon colors with a big arrow over his head that says "kidnap and torture me, I'm royalty". I feel really bad for him. He's obviously trying to do what he feels strongly about by serving his country, and some dumb reporter thought it would be a good idea to blow the "blackout" and release this information. Dumbass deserves to be tarred and feathered.


Kara and Matt said...

Hi!! I will email you soon with Hay River info, but you will love it!! Lots there for the boys (swimming pool, bowling, etc).

I agree about the Price stuff. Let the guy do his job and leave him alone!! If he wants to risk his ass over there, let him and leave him alone! Right now when young celebrities only drink, drive, party and get knocked up, it is nice to see some of them take life seriously.

Way Way Up said...

I didn't get to spend much time in Hay River when I lived in the NWT. I was over in Fort Smith. But the little time I did spend in Hay River was amazing. Plenty of recreation, 3 schools and the fall there are make for phenomenal photo opportunities. Hay River is a place I'd like to live or spend more time in at the least. Enjoy!