Sunday, February 10, 2008

Connie and David

I was walking into the Northern yesterday morning with Rob and he looked at me and said “Good Morning Connie” and right back to him I said “Morning David”. We both chuckled, and I smile now that I think about it. For those who don’t know, David and Connie were the managers here at this location when we first arrived and really helped us adjust to the company. They treated us like we were family, but I secretly think they only tolerated Rob and I because they were in love with the kids. Colby thought the world of Connie, and you could just tell Joey thought David was right up there with Poppy and Puppa. Rob asked me to come over with him to the store this morning to help him with opening because Ed was still in town due to mechanical issues with the store van (which I call the Mystery Machine). As we were walking in, we both thought at the same time that we were doing exactly what David and Connie had done hundreds of times, gone to work together to open the store. I can only hope that when Rob ends up with his own store, we can be as good at it as they are.

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