Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sorry folks!

First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you that frequent the blog that I have not been posting this week. This has been a crazy week for all of us. I have been trying to get in as many hours as I can working while Mom is here. I know to some of you from back home that sounds like a mean thing for me to do, but let me explain the difference up here. Because of where we live, any sort of entertaining through the daytime is limited to the interior of my house. It’s not like we can run out and “see the sights” throughout the daytime. I live in “the bush”, 1 hour away from any sort of city-type civilization. I asked Mom before she got up here if she would mind if i left her through the daytime with Joey while Colby was in school so I could work substituting. She has been having a great time with Joey, getting in some quality Joey-Nanny time. This is something she didn’t get a lot of when we lived back home because it was shortly after returning back to work that we moved up here. The difference with Colby and Joey is that for the first few years before Colby entered pre-school he spent time with Mom and Dad when Rob and I were working. She was able to spend a few hours everyday with Colby,but this was not the case for Joey. I worked 4 out of the first days she was here, and then the extreme cold weather hit. Our temperatures were in the low -40s for almost 2 weeks. Because of that I lost a full week at the school because none of the kids were going to school, and I wasn’t about to send Colby out in -45 weather. I have also in this time started working at the Gasbar for Rob. (I can see you shaking your head David). Rob is having a hell of a time getting people to work the gas bar. This is a little convenience store / 4 pump gas bar owned by the Northern that is beside our house. It kills me when it doesn’t open because someone either doesn’t feel like working / has decided to go to Yellowknife / just too drunk to come to work. So I have been going over in the mornings to open it up. It is a very busy place when it’s open. Also, in the midsts of all this, I approached the RCMP here in town to see if they need guards. This is something I was recently made aware of, and is in desperate need of in this community. The whole job consists of sitting in a small office (which is where I am now), and watching a prisoner on closed circuit. They encourage you to bring a laptop / DVD player to pass the time. The catch is that you are always on call, as they never know when they will have someone in a holding cell. The purpose of me being here is to make sure they don’t hurt themselves and are still breathing. This is my 3rd shift here so far. Idealy I will be able to keep this up when Mom goes back and work night shifts. It’s 20.00 /hr to sit on my butt and read or watch movies. Welcome to the North Folks!

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