Monday, February 04, 2008

You should be ashamed!

Ok, any back to the future fans out there? This is a shot I have always wanted to try, and it actually turned out. Can you say 88MPH?? Mom was beside herself with excitment when the lights were out in full swing. We couldn't have her going home without a picture of her with them! Rob told me that I should be ashamed of myself for having pictures for almost 24 hours and not posting them. I told him because of his comments and making me feel guilty for not posting, I would not tell anyone that I did not take these pictures and continue to get credit for his growing photography skills. :)


Anonymous said...

Them's some fine light shots- Rob?
What kind of camera is Rob using?
So mom's gone? How did she like our little territory?


Anonymous said...

Damn Tina you're a great photographer!


Rob said...

Ok, K-E-L-L-Y! That was down right nasty! I guess that is because you are kelly kelly kelly!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHH I thought with you up there I would not have to endure that AWFUL win this round. Dammit.


Gilles said...

Wish I was there to see the Northern Lights for myself. Have to make do with the great pics. Keep it up folks.