Friday, February 22, 2008

NWT Bloggers

I missed a fair amount of reading when Mom was here, and as I was catching up on Megan's blog yesterday I found THIS POST. (I'm sorry I missed it Megan). She got me thinking. There are a lot of Northern blogs I follow, some more faithfully than others. But all of the blogs with the exception of 2 (Megan and Curtis) are in Nunavut. I will admit, I was jealous of the Nunies, and wished there was something like that for NWT. Megan had a great idea with attempting to compile a list of NWT blogs. I updated my side bar with NWT blogs she mentioned, but if any of you read blogs from NWT that are not on this list I would love to know about them. What do you think Megan, can we get a blog roll going? There is nothing I love more than to stumble upon a blog with pictures of places that I recognize, so I'd love to know if there are more of us here locally.


Megan said...

Amy ( was starting on this, but I don't know how far she got. She is far more techno-savvy than I am and could probably build something fantabulous.

Amy, are you around here?

Way Way Up said...

I'd love to see some sort of page with NWT blogs. I began my career in Fort Smith in 2000 and have found memories of the NWT.