Sunday, February 24, 2008

Silly things

I'm sitting here on the couch wondering what to post about. Isn't it funny how certain things instantly bring back memories of people in your life? For example:

  1. Cadbury Cream Eggs and Rockets Halloween candies instantly remind me of Adam Read.
  2. "When in doubt, wash it out" is a silly saying that Mary Lou always said when we worked together at Therapeutic Services in St. John's. There is a fair amount of laundry involved in a physiotherapy clinic (towels) and I made a comment one day that I wasn't sure if a towel was used or not. She said that to me, and for some reason it stuck.
  3. "I'm done like toast". I heard this on TV not to long ago, and I don't even remember what show it was on. I stopped whatever I was doing and stared at the TV. Dad said this all time, and ironically these were the last words Dad spoke.
  4. The use of the word "chummy" will forever get the immediate reaction of "the storage unit?" thanks to my sister.
  5. "Guess what?" will forever in my house by followed by "Chicken Butt", again because of my sister.


jods said...

My new favourite expression (to say only to people I don't really want to deal with) is:

If you need anything, please - hestiate to call me :)


Indigo said...

Please send me your address. Looks like you are the winner of the nunavut nonsense contest.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget " Guess why?" ...Chicken thigh :-p

Anonymous said...

Yup, and it's Adam's favorite time of year again. He can't get enought of those eggs.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Yep, I remember walking through the Superstore with Adam and him squealing like a little girl when he saw them. Ahhh, the memories. :)

OHN said...

We have things here at our house that we say that if anyone passing by would hear us they would think we were crazy..(one example is "I hear a snunk"--S1 was 2 when he said that after smelling a skunk...we have "heard snunks" ever since:)

And I swear your boys look so much older even since the last pix you posted!

Anonymous said...

I tried to make a comment the other day but it did not work. Thanks for "when in doubt wash it out"... We still have lots of laundry at the clinic. we actually use sheets on all beds, so you can just image, easier on our hands, no more solution on beds... lol
Take care and do you know your next location?
Mary Lou