Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I volunteered to participate in a "blog share" where you post anonymously on someone else's blog. I haven't posted anything about this because I wanted it to be a surprise to all who read. Here is a list of all the blogs that have participated this year. I plan on sitting down over the next few days when Rob is gone and looking through them all. You never know who or what you'll find.


OHN said...

Wow get around. Now I have to take a day off work to read all these blogs (starting at their beginnings of course for all the important back history) and I will probably still be sitting here tonight in last nights jammies and smelling like I have been smothered in dog spit. It will be all your fault.

Renégade said...

cool blog. i'm doing one all about my adventures in Brazil, you're curious.
Would you please explain to me how the blog share works? I want in.