Thursday, December 18, 2008


Greetings everyone! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. The last 3 days have been a mix of guilt and excitement. As you know, I had my Lasik surgery on Monday. After about 2 hours I was not sure about the whole thing. There were drops, burning, more drops, an odd piece of plastic to cover your eye while you sleep that looks like the lens from racquetball goggles. They sent along a roll of medical tape to tape them to your eyes. I looked at it and thought, "Like THAT is going to stay on my face all night!" So, I Mcgyvered a pair of glasses out of the tape and the two lenses. I know of a few people who have had this done, none of them have been able to go from driving with glasses to driving without in less than 24 hrs. The whole experience was nerve racking and surreal. While waiting for the surgery which takes a total of 10 mins start to finish, actual surgery time though is about 3 minutes per eye, the rest of the time is the surgeon talking to you and some prep, I was talking with another patient who was next in line. The surgeon came out of the room scrolling through his Black Berry. I looked over to the 19year old girl who was nervous beyond belief and say, "Oh great, we have a surgeon who has to get his directions off the Internet for how to operate the laser!" She looks at me and I can tell that I didn't help her at all, although she did laugh. To top things off I overheard him booking plane tickets. So I thought I should let the girl know that our surgeon is booking a fast get away after the 10 botched surgeries that he's done this afternoon. I don't think that helped either. After arriving back at the hotel, I found it very hard to focus with my eyes being so sensitive to light, they were burning and watering like crazy. I was beginning to second guess my decision. After a 2 hour nap, I was feeling better and in the morning I couldn't believe that I could see about 90%. By the time I got to the clinic for my follow up I was feeling even better. Everything went well, he told me I had 20/20 vision and that it would only get better as the month went on. WOW. That was the surreal part. If anyone is thinking of having this done, DO IT. Make the time, save the money, they will even finance it. I went with the Zyoptic laser which is the best out there at the moment. By going with that one, if I regress at all, I will be covered for the rest of my life and they will do the surgery again for free! If anyone has any questions, let me know! It has been one of the best decisions of my life.


jen said...

That's fantastic! So the glasses are completely gone?

OHN said...

Seen decapitated people~ Check
Awake through C-sections~ Check
Hands inside live bodies~ Check

Let someone near my eyes~ Not a snowballs chance in hell. I can't even watch eye surgery on tv. It is the ONLY thing that grosses me out/terrifies me.

You are a brave soul.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Hurray! We are so happy that we did it too. Wish we had done it years ago.

Rob said...

I was cool as could be until I laid down on that table. I was quite nervous when they started. The first eye was the easiest. When he went to do the second eye, I was shaking like a leaf. They give you squeeze balls to keep you from trying to blink. I was using them to relieve the stress. Some people say that it's easy, well it is, there was just a little anxiety while they were doing it because you can't see clearly and your vision goes black when they place the suction on your eye to make the "FLAP" THAT was wierd!

Megan said...

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