Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sexiest Santa ever

Santa arrived at the preschool today. The top picture is one of the teacher's newest daughter, who is only 2 weeks old. Joey in the middle didn't realize it was Daddy in that costume and was not scared at all. The bottom picture is my favorite. This little guy was telling Santa it couldn't be the "real" Santa, because the real Santa is at the North Pole. The kids loved him and not surprisingly, he was awesome!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Okay, you have one awesome husband if he is willing to dress up like Santa!! For some reason I can't see my hubby doing that!!!!

Valentina said...

The pictures are great and you are right, that is one handsome Santa! :) BTW, I have made my blog private, but I have sent you an invitation, which I hope you have received! (I sent it to the email address that appears in your facebook profile).


Great Santa & it's good to see that you have your camera back Tina. Bring on the pictures,missed seeing my boys Mom