Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why we haven't really been posting

This is why the blog has been somewhat quiet over the past week. Rob and I are addicted to Ice Road Truckers. We bought the season set last year and just last week received Season 2. I have had it pre-ordered since the Spring. It's a 4 disc set and we are now through the first 2 discs. It's fantastic!

In other news, we have started to receive packages and christmas cards from home. We received 2 boxes from Mom and a box from Gramma Jeannine yesterday, along with a few cards. We have also had some great news from the insurance company who is handling the break-in claim. Everything is set to go and things should be replaced as soon as next week. I also have families booked to come to the house next week for family / christmas pictures, so I'm itching to get my hands on my new camera! I should have it by next Tuesday if all goes as planned. The preschool that I work at put a note on their December newsletter that I do photography and my phone has been ringing steady! Woo hoo!

Speaking of work, when I accepted this job in October there was a condition on my contract stating that it may only be until December, as I was covering a maternity leave. I found out 2 weeks ago that she was in fact coming back and my last day of work would be December 18. I was inwardly upset, but I knew this was a possibility. Well, I got a call the end of last week informing me that she will be taking a job in the elementary school and if I wanted to extend my contract at the preschool until June I could. Yee-freakin-ha! It was confirmed today and I sign the new contract tomorrow. I really love this job and love the women I work with. Who would have ever thought I would be a preschool teacher??


jods said...

Tina, congrats on the job, of course you'd be a great preschool teacher.

Speaking of IRT's I was meaning to ask you - Over here we are now on season two - alex just left because he's ill and isn't coming back :( which is sad. However what Im meaning to ask - the commentator over here is british, and when he talks about the temp he's says minus 45 fairenheiht. I think they have it wrong and must mean celcius? Am I totally wrong here?

Tina said...

No when they talk about temerature it's in fairenheiht because it is filmed for an american audience. It's too funny because where we just stopped watching is where Alex is in the hospital and not coming back. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job "sis"! Feel free to send a copy of the Ice Road Truckers down here, I got addicted to the one's you sent last year, so did Lloyd! Take care, love and hugs to all.
Nicole, Lloyd, Kira and Becca (as she now likes to be called!)

OHN said...

Be careful Tina! These pre-schools are very sneaky. They let you dip your toe in their little wading pool and before you know it there are waves crashing all around you and you are sucked in by the undertow of toddlers and you will wake up years from now and wonder how it all happened and why you are battered and beaten down. Darn pre-schools. (I was able to claw my way out after S3 "graduated" so there is hope for you yet:)

WTG on the photo biz! One of my secret desires is to have an awesome camera and be able to take amazing shots. You are damn good girl!

elmo said...

Why is that suprising? It seems natural to me, after all, you have all that practice with me and Rob ;)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I bet your are awesome at your job too!

allmycke said...

Congratulations to the job at preschool - and the opportunity to use your skills as a photographer.
You'll do great at both - as we've seen proof of!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job!

People here "down south" look at me like I have two heads because I love IRT! I'm anxiously awaiting season 3. I heard they can't go back to Yellowknife to film. I wonder who will show up in Inuvik this season!