Thursday, December 04, 2008

An update

Life is getting a little crazy here lately but now that I have a minute I thought I would update. We are now in the fun process of getting things organized with our home insurance to get our things replaced. As I'm sure you can appreciate, not an easy thing to do when you live 5 hours away from a major city. I'm also going through SERIOUS withdraw from my camera. This is the time I would be taking christmas pictures of the boys, and I've been approached by 3 different people asking me to do their christmas pictures. Grrr! Hopefully soon. I also found out some potentially great news tonight, but I can't let that secret out for the next couple of weeks. Nothing like a cliffhanger for ya! :) And these pictures were taken tonight. And yes, he is navigating with the mouse on the Kids CBC website. Seriously, who is this child???


allmycke said...

I didn't comment after your break-in, did I? I was going to, but then something else came inbetween.... Ditz!
Joey looks so concentrated! And cute!

I need your snail-mail address!

OHN said...

Get used to looking at Joey like that. Before you know it, he will have his own website and will be selling his used toys.

(I moved S3's computer to the kitchen so I can keep an eye on how long he is on and what sites...I am the meanest mom on the planet, thank you very much :)

Tina said...

Chris, knowing Joey he will be selling COLBY'S toys, not his own. :)

Nanny said...

Wow Tina,it's just like Colby a few years back it's hard to believe.He looks so serious.You created a monster when you showed Joey how to find things with the mouse.You know the fight is on now who can use the computer.The fun has begun and thank yourself for that.Joey has a new toy. Mom/Nanny