Friday, December 12, 2008

The last pictures taken on my camera

These are a few pictures I took of a little boy across the street. Luckily the flash card was still on the computer desk. We have become friends with his parents and they were over visiting. I couldn't resist digging out the camera to capture this face. I can't wait to get the new camera to do it all over again.


Megan said...

I love your photography.

I am starting to wonder if we've met in real life. If you know G and Dan and's definitely possible that we got very drunk together in the nineties.

Tina said...

How funny would that be. I spent many a night at an "oPPo bash" and there was even a "Tina Rave" bash on my birthday. I wish I was home, I would go through my old photos. How funny would it be if we actually DID meet? Were you in Halifax at all?

Megan said...

I lived in Halifax from 1995-1999. I went to school with Tez: she, Dan's girlfriend LeeAnn and I were best friends.

I met Dan and G and Trev (etc) in early 1996, I think.

I'm guessing that you also know our friend Daphne Ross -- she married Gord Sleigh but used to be with Ted Barbour. I'm pretty sure that was his name.

This is just too weird. I bet we know each other and haven't connected the dots yet.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That is creepy that you two might know each other! Small world.

And I love that first picture Tina!