Monday, July 09, 2007

And yet more pictures

These pictures couldn't have been timed better if I tried. I had just walked outside to take pictures of the sunset and this trio sailed under the bridge I was standing on. I would have loved to have been in the canoe with them. This is my defination of peaceful.
Not that pretty, but this is the front view of our house. The huge white tank is the gas holding tank for the gas station. Obviously up here you can't bury the tanks underground like back home! Notice the 2 satellite dishes? Internet and Bell Express Vu.

This is the back of the house, which is the door we use.

I just couldn't resist this picture.
There is a "Spiritual Week Celebration" all week here. This is about 10 minutes off the main road down a dirt road. This is from a small spot Rob found. The terrain up here is amazing. Just another view of the tents, but it shows you how much it is in the woods.

This is the church that was set up. It was a very moving ceremony.


Valentina said...

The first picture just took my breath away!

Tawny said...

Such beautiful photos - I'm glad you're getting the opportunity to use your camera AND have such great subjects to photograph!

jods said...

Keep em coming Tina! And get yourselves a canoe! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG what a picture of the canoe in the sunset... awesome picture thanks for sharing...
Mary Lou