Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just too funny!

I was watching Ellen today and she had a segment about things she found at the drugstore. One of the things she found and was making fun of to no end was a supersized remote control. I nearly fell off the couch laughing! Jaime had recently put a post on her blog about the remote her and her husband bought. It was the same one!!! Guess living up here has made little things very funny! In other news, Colby is now waching his new "obsession" show - America's Got Talent. Why, do you ask, would a 5 year old watch this show faithfully week after week? Two words. David Hasselholf. He has been obsessed with Knight Rider for the past year, and has taken a huge interest in this show because of him. We drove the truck over to the store today to buy groceries. Over the past month, we have been visiting the store almost daily and only was able to buy what would fit in the bottom of the stroller, or Rob would bring home after work. it seems almost pointless to drive to the store without a good reason for the truck (like groceries) as in the time it takes to buckle both kids in, jump up (thanks to Rob's HOLY F**K mud and snow man-tires it literally is jumping up) and get going, we could have walked there. Oh well, it was nice to drive again!

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J Consortium said...

Hahahaha, that is awesome. I must say I'm a little offended that Ellen made fun of our remote, though. :) I love that remote!