Tuesday, July 31, 2007

XP we've missed you!

When we originally bought a new computer before we moved here, we had multiple issues and returned it. We had originally bought an Xpolio, which was horrible. When we went back to Staples, they exchanged it for an HP, which we love. The only thing we didn't love and actually grew to dispise was Vista. It came to the point that we decided to remove Vista and put XP back on the computer. Well, unfortunately this became more of an issue than we realized. I have come to find out that this HP computer was built to only run Vista, similar to cell phones being made for specific companies. This is why when we tried to switch one program for another we ran into a wall. We found a guy in Yellowknife who runs a computer company out of his home. When I spoke to him yesterday and described the problem, he told me it was something he has been doing a lot of and if I could bring it into Yellowknife and leave it with him for a couple hours I would be able to take it back home with me. WOO HOO! So, I packed the boys up in the truck and we headed off to "the Knife". Poor Colby has come to hate this drive, and it really is boring. He has a bag that he keeps packed for when we go to the city, which has his portable DVD player, his movies, his Gameboy, and we add snacks. This guy, Dave Bowles of Bowco Computer Services, was fantastic. I had the camera with me, and I took pictures of the highway to show people why we hate the drive. It was a bit difficult taking pictures and driving, but I did it and didn't drive off the road! I took the pictures on the way in, and of course didn't have the camera out on the way back. And, as Murphy's Law would have it, there was a black bear on the side of the road on the way home. I initially thought it was a wolf as it was on all 4's, so I said to Colby "Hea buddy, look it's a ..... BEAR! HOLY CRAP IT'S A BEAR!" It was a little too close to the side of the road for me to feel comfortable turning around to get a picture, but I'll make sure the next time we're going in (which will be whatever day Rob is off this week as we have to get the car insurance switched over) I will have my camera on my lap!

I couldn't resist this picture. These people have been here for a week because I remember seeing it the last time we went to the city. It's lliterally on the side of the road. The licence plate on this car is Quebec. Enough said.
If you look closely, you'll see the big pile of dirt being pushed around. This is how resurfacing is done.

The road being resurfaced.

This is what the majority of the highway looks like. This is why the hour long drive feels so long.

If you look down the road, you'll see the "waves". This is what the highway is like, and feels really bumpy at 80-90 km/hr.

See where the dirt ends and the pavement starts? Within a week the dirt will start to look like the pavement. It's still rough, but not nearly as muddy and slippery in the rain.

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