Saturday, July 07, 2007

Take a walk around our house

The livingroom. All the electronics are ours (TV, computer, stereo) but all the furniture belongs to the house. This is how the kids bedroom windows look. They would never sleep without it! The bathroom. This shows the size of the bathroom. The shower is right behind the door.
The kitchen. We were lucky with this house. It comes with a portable dishwasher and a deep freeze! I'll do another post with pictures from Colby's room, our bedroom and outside. It takes forever to upload pictures and Colby is anxious to get on the computer!


Anonymous said...

hey, the house looks nice... can't wait to see the other pictures... take care and miss you all lots. Nicole

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.. nice to see where you are living.
Just another thought, will Crisco deliver to you up north. YOu know the crisco hamper?
Mary Lou

Tina said...

No Marylou, Crisco won't deliver up here. I had to cancel it before I moved up here.

Anonymous said...

really that is sad, cause you would really like that this christmas for sure without Domionion or Sobey's down the road. I figured they would deliver anywhere in Canada. Too far North I guess... Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

nice place!! You did do well. very very nice. tin foil is so hard to decorate around huh?

Valentina said...

What a lovely house!