Friday, July 20, 2007

The Boo Boo....

Well, for those of you regular viewers, you probably read the post awhile back about the time I tried to cut the tip of my thumb off with my table saw..Well, I had another accident. This time at work. We were rushing trying to unload a trailer so they could make it back to catch the ferry crossing the Mackenzie river. The trailer was refrigerated and the floor was quite slippery. I was pulling on the pallet jack attempting to dislodge a freezer container from it's wedged in position when I slipped and fell on my ass. Aside from bruising the ego a little and scaring the DM who thought I had run over my foot, I didn't feel anything was wrong so I got up and grabbed the jack and attempted once again to dislodge the piece of s&%t. When someone mentioned that I was bleeding, I looked down and saw the same thing. As I turned my arm over I saw this very nice gash in my right arm. It was about 3-4" long and the widest point was almost 1" wide. I was quite shocked. So, off to the nurses station. The nurses station is quite nice and they treat you like gold in there. I was stitched up by one of the male nurses who it turns out, is from Nfld. He offered to take me fishing next week with him and his buddies before he goes back to the Rock to marry his girl. oh yeah..back to the arm...I ended up with stitches, 7 to be exact. He told me that there would be a scar more than likely, I told him that I didn't care, chicks dig scars! Well, that's it..I think I'll post a picture at some point...just to gross you all out..Not that bad really.. Bye for now!

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