Monday, July 02, 2007

One Month Already

First of all, Happy Canada Day! I would have made this post yesterday, as technically we have been here 1 month yesterday, but I was sharing the flu with my son. Colby and I came down with the flu Rob had Saturday night. Colby came in my room around 12:30AM complaining of a sore belly. Within the next hour, he was in the bathroom throwing up. Within an hour after that, I was doing the same thing. It was a horrible, horrible night with neither of us sleeping. God love Colby, he's such a trooper when he's sick. He would get up, get really sick, and then climb back in bed with me saying "mommy, I'm really sick" and that was it. And, by the grace of God, Joey slept through all of it and slept until 8Am the next morning. Colby was on the couch, I was on the loveseat, and Joey played on the floor until he went back down for his nap at 10, and slept for 2 hours. I just kept watching the clock until Rob came home, as he was on his way back from Edmonton with the truck. But, we got through it. I think both Rob and I have been feeling somewhat home sick this weekend, with it being Canada Day and all. We missed all the Canada Day festivities this weekend with us being sick. There was a big BBQ here in the community, but oh well. The night before I got sick I watched "The Queen". I highly recommend it to everyone. What an amazing movie. So, all in all, we're back on the mend, and I can't believe that we have been here a month already. Time certainly flies up here! And now that we have the Pathfinder, we will be in Yellowknife more often! Oh, and for all of you that went to the Concert On The Hill and saw Chris Daughtry, **ANGRY MAN FIST TO YOU THAT IT WASN'T ME**

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Valentina said...

Happy Canada Day to you, Tina! Sorry to hear that you were sick over the week-end, hope you are all feeling better!
I saw "The Queen" a few months ago and loved it as well.