Friday, July 06, 2007

To my Northern Blogger Friends

I have found something that you may already know but I was extremly excited to see it was in fact true. As everyone knows, shipping anything this far up is extremly expensive. Well, I have found a site that ships for FREE! Now, keep reading once you see what site it is and you'll see why I'm soo excited. It's AVON. I used to sell A LOT of Avon before moving up here. I'm not into buying all the makeup and stuff, BUT, their liquid hand soaps and shampoos are the best. They are so concentrated that they last forever. I also found a great use for Avon Bubble Bath, thanks to Rob's grandmother -- floor cleaner! It is the best thing to mop the floors with. For someone like me in a road store, where Yellowknife is so close and WalMart becomes your best friend, it's not that big of a deal. BUT, I can just imagine in a place where everything is shipped in, you don't have the option to jump in the truck and run to WalMart, this is very exciting! The Website has some great deals (I just bought a large bubble bath for 3.99) and when you factor in NO shipping, this is a great deal! Your first order is free shipping, but since then (I placed this order about 2 weeks ago) I have received 3 more emails offering me deals with free shipping! I was a little skeptical to be honest, but I have been tracking my package online and right now it's in Edmonton and will be here (according to the site) on July 16th. So it's coming!!


Kara and Matt said...

Great!! Take advantage now before they discover where you live!!

Anonymous said...

oh ya- kara and matt got that right- they'll change the rules pretty quick if we all start ordering- but I for one will check it out. I loved getting their catalogue booklets.