Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another weekend in Rae

One of my new favorite shots of Rob and Colby.

Yes, Joey will in fact eat anything. This was him playing with the lens cover of my camera.

This is my first attempt at making bread. The buns ended up as "uni-bun" but still tasted good.

This is what Rob and I did tonight. Each pan is doubled layered.


Anonymous said...

mmm.....Egg Rolls......

Hee Hee


Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder whose will taste better yours or MINE!!!!! lol.... love ya all... Nicole

Jods said...

Oh Tina, your killing me - I LOVE homemade eggrolls. I can't even make them here because I can't buy the shells.... :(

Think of me when your chowing down :)

Valentina said...

The picture of Rob and Colby is truly beautiful. And those eggrolls... they look SO yummy! :)