Friday, August 17, 2007

Mommy, is Big Brother on tonight?

This is what I heard last night at the supper table. I looked at Colby, and then looked at Rob as if to say "What? Why is our 5 year old asking about Big Brother?" Colby then proceeded to tell me that Jessica, Danielle and Amber were his favorites, because when I asked why he giggled and said "because they're pretty". I then asked him who the rest of the people on the show were. To this he replied "well, there's Dick, Zack, Dustin, Jen and Jamika" and when I asked him who "America's Player" was, he said Eric. I couldn't help but laugh. I have been watching Big Brother, and have only had it on 2x in the evenings when Colby has been up. (We have satellite and most of the time I watch it when it comes on later when the kids are in bed). I didn't realize he had been playing attention to the show. In just 2 shows, he memorized all the characters and now has his favorites. And, as a side note, when it was on last night and Amber lost HOH to Daniele he was near tears. When the hell did this kid grow up???


elmo said...

Damn, he might even know what a hot redhead is by the time I get there :)

(just waiting now for rob to say "thats my boy")

Anonymous said...

I was almost in tears too. Dammit.


Valentina said...

That's funny! He is a very smart boy!