Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday was Colby's first day of school. It was only for a 1/2 day for orientation. He was very excited about going on the bus and unfortunately the bus didn't come. So I drove him over and the principal was in the parking lot. He received many complaints yesterday about the bus not picking up the kids. Colby didn't want me to come in with him, which was very brave. I guess he was a bit overwhelmed in the class yesterday and became upset. When I got there to pick him up at lunch time he was fine and smiling in his classroom. Of course, being a mom I took it much harder than he did, but he doesn't know that. We waited this morning for the bus, which did come, but drove right by our house. Again, I had to pack him up in the truck and drive him over. I left him in the playground with the other kids and took Joey into the office to straighten out the bus situation. I stayed in the office until he walked in with his class, but out of sight so he couldn't see me. I was assured the bus would bring him home for lunch today and there should be no further issues. I walked down to his class as he was hanging up his jacket to say goodbye, as I didn't want to just walk out when he knew I was still there somewhere. He seemed to be fine, and told me he would see me at lunch time. Here's hoping. I'm sure he will adjust fine and settle in. I was in email contact with one of the teachers in the school before we moved here. I found out today that she helped calm Colby down and walked him back to his classroom yesterday. I met her this morning and she promised she would call me if there were any other issues with Colby. This makes me feel so much better. She's a special education teacher so she's always bopping around the school. It also helps that Colby's classroom is right across the hall from her office! She told me before we moved here that a bunch of the teachers from away have formed an unoffical "mom's group" that get together frequently to let the kids play and to vent to each other. She told me that they are all getting together this Friday after school and invited me along to meet the other moms. She is also having a birthday party for her daughter who is 7 on Sunday and invited us over. I'm sure this will be as good for me as it will for Colby, as I'm sure Joey is getting tired of only having me to talk to!

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