Sunday, August 26, 2007

You've got to be kidding me!

Just noticed this outside. This very large coil was delivered Friday for a new diesel tank that will be going in for the gas bar. It was tied to a pallet up by the old store with the rest of the supplies, and it would have been located second to the left. Notice where the truck is parked. Had it not fell over (and for all I know the kids pushed it in that direction) because if they didn't the momentum would have drove it right into the truck. They say everything happens in 3's. Thankfully Rob is home tonight! (And as a side note, the pallet with the ramp was already there, they didn't put it there to try to push the coil over it)


Valentina said...

Hi Tina! First of all, Sorry I missed you on MSN the other day! I left my computer on at work during the week-end and I guess it looked like I was still logged on. I have finally been able to catch up with your "adventures"... Sorry to hear about the truck! I know what it feels like to be have your environment and your privacy disrespected and violated in such a way and it sucks. I truly hope such incidents will never repeat. I consider myself someone who has travelled quite a bit and experienced different cultures and I have learned that there are good and bad people everywhere; something like that could have very well have happened in Halifax. However, I have also experienced that some cultures (in parts of Northamerica as much as in certain parts of Europe and Africa)tend to be more direspectful than others. I totally agree that the "colour of the skin" (as one of your reader pointed out) has nothing to do with it, it is the culture and the environment these individuals are raised in. Your cousin seems to have quite a strong view on this topic and even though I don't completely agree with the "harshness" of the second comment she left, I can see how much frustration these incidents cause in respectful people.

Rob & Tina said...

Well put Val.