Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Looking for some opinions

Dad's prized tomato plants. I get almost daily "bragging" pictures.

My parents have recently started growing their own tomatoes. These are plants that my sister started for them in styrofoam cups, and now the plants are huge! I am very jealous as the tomatoes that we get here are really not fit to eat. The one thing I love is fresh veggies for a salad, and always had tomatoes on hand at home. My question is, I know that you can grow tomatoes inside all year round. I'm wondering if it is now too late to start this, as winter is coming sooner than I want to think about and we get so little sun during this time. I don't want to invest in equipment such as lights for this, but am wondering if anyone else up here has grown their own veggies. We're heading into the city this weekend and if this is something that is not to late to start I'm going to get the stuff for. Also, I have been looking online at stick brooms. Because the roads up here are not paved, dust gets everywhere. I sweep at least 2-3 times a day and can't seem to keep ahead of the dust. A stick broom would certainly help keep the floor clean since Joey is still crawling, but I'm wondering if I would have any use for this during the winter. With the windows being closed, the dust won't be coming in (obviously) and since we're not back home there is no chance of salt being dragged through the house on shoes, since salt is not used up here. Is there anything I'm overlooking when it comes to winter up here? Can I really justify spending the money on a stick broom to use only for the next month? I'm also surfing around looking for sites for winter gear for us. A teacher that I was talking to told me about a site that deals in kids stuff, and most of it is in great condition but used. It's not YK Trader, but something similar. Anyone ever heard of it?

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Kara and Matt said...

I am attempting to grow tomatoes up here right now, but so far I have just got a couple of flowers, but nothing else :(

I know what you mean about the dust! I bought a roomba- a robot vacuum. It really cleans the floors well and it does it while I sit on the couch! I don't know what a stick broom is!!

A good site for winter gear is right from Yellowknife- Weaver and Devore. Mountain Equipment Coop also has good stuff- their kids snowsuits are good! And they have free shipping to the north if you order over $150. And MEC has a used gear swap on their website. Also watch the classified in the newspaper from YK, you see a lot of people selling their winter gear when they wimp out and move south!

Good luck shopping!