Monday, August 20, 2007

First cookout in NWT

This is the Northern's version of a locked door. Actually, the kids around here keep breaking into the warehouse. Rob put a new lock on the door the day before last and they busted that one off. This was Rob's answer to keep them out until they can fix the lock (again).
Connie, Dave and Joey Brave Mr. Joey decided he wanted to walk. Notice the kids behind them. We were all dressed in jeans and fleece sweatshirts, and the kids were still swimming. These kids are tough as nails!
This nearly stopped my heart. We were going approxiamtely 90 km/hr and were behind this truck. There are 4 kids in the back, and at times were leaning over the side.
Rob, Joey, Colby, Connie and David
Colby took a spill at the playground the day before yesterday.

Colby and Connie roasting marshmellows

Connie and David invited us along last night to a cookout they had. (David is the manager of the Northern that Rob works at, and Connie is his wife). This is a provincial park about 10 minutes up the highway from where we live. It was packed! They made a full Jiggs Dinner, with salt beef and cabbage, veggies and a roast. It was soo yummy! Then we lit a fire and roasted marshmellows and hotdogs. Life is really rough up here, LOL!


Valentina said...

Awwww! Marshmallows!!! YUMMY! The best part of all my camping experiences in Canada!!! ;)
Poor Colby, that must have hurt!
Joey looks so happy! He must be such a happy, easy baby!

Kellie said...

Colby and Joey are really going to be greatful to you guys giving him this opportunity to experience their childhood in this type of setting. Having grown up in a very similar setting, I can say that it instilled in me many values I might not have had I grown up in a big city. I am really happy for you, You made a good move!

Rob and Tina said...

Thanks Kellie! It's really nice to hear that the family supports our decision to do this!

Curtis Groom said...

Just a quick note from the king of broken into warehouses, I set up baby monitor in the warehouses and just switch them on at night. Caught one group on Saturday morning with my 5 foot piece of pine called the "attention getter", Oddly enough its been very quiet since.
Take Care