Saturday, August 25, 2007

To Anonymous

I originally logged on to put some new pictures on the blog. I must say, I am very upset with a certain someone who left a very derogatory comment on my blog and you know who you are. I have not blocked anonymous comments from my blog, as most people leave their name and there are only a handful of people who leave comments anyways. I noticed that there was another comment left under my entry of "Dirty little f**ckers". The comment was "Do you think Mr. Lahey will let Kellie out of the trailer park to educate herself". I deleted the comment, and contemplated putting it here as a direct quote. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and people have different views and beliefs. Although I do not agree with Kellie's point of view and stated such, I did not make any sort of comment against her personally. Nicole also made a comment stating that she did not agree, and did so in good taste (thank you). To leave such a rude comment towards a member of my family is uncalled for and I won't have it. To those of you who don't know, Kellie is my cousin. And, to top it all off, the comment is insulting people who live in a trailer park. Kellie has never lived in a trailer park, I DID! So, not only are you insulting my cousin, you're insulting me! I would love to know who left it, but obviously someone who doesn't have enough courage to leave their name, or who didn't think the comment through, as I'm sure I'm more offended than Kellie. Leave your name or don't comment.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tina, I did not mean to create such a stir.To the anonymous blogger, I am quite educated and very intelligent to boot, obviously not a trait you possess. I was once very open minded and accepting of diverse cultures but through my own personal experiences with other cultures have developed an opinion not shared by many of my peers. What would you conclude about a group of people that the govermnent cater to only to see the houses that my tax dollar hepled to build be torn down and their children wrecking brand new ski doos and quads after sniffing a gallon of gasoline also provided by the government? I have many other experiences that I could share, but mine is only one opinion and everyone is taking the politically correct route in their own opinions. I apologize if I offended anyone but I do ask for some respect for my opinion as I respect your opinion. Thank you to Nicole for expressing your opinion I have much revernce for a Lady who can intelligently respond with an appropriate retort. It is someone with no class who insults and disrepects others by a comment and cowardly not owning up to it.

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