Tuesday, July 15, 2008

After the Funeral

I don't normally post about what I'm reading, but this one is worth mentioning. I'm currently completely hooked on a work in progress by Tawny. I have known Tawny since junior high, and she has always had a great flare for writing. We were always writing back and forth. We had 2 journals, one red and one black, that we would write back and forth in. We also started a story together, where she would write a chapter and I would write one. We did this back and forth all throughout school. Her blog is linked off mine and she has other blogs that she keeps up, some more than others. She has a blog called "The Edible Woman", where she writes short stories. One that really caught my eye is "After the Funeral". And I'm thrilled to say this seems to be turning into a full blown novel. I always told her that I would love to see her publish a book, and you never know, you may just see this one on the Best Seller's list yet. You can find her writing blog HERE. It's worth a read.

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