Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More update pictures

All our boxes were waiting for us when we got here. This is our blocked off kitchen.

Funny story. Getting a crib seems to be an issue where ever we go. When we first arrived in Fort Rae, we were a week before we were able to get a crib. In Hay River, there was a crib and no hardware so Joey ended up sleeping in a playpen, which we left in Hay River due to lack of space in the truck to take it. This is Joey's crib here. We were assured that there was a new crib and mattress here for us, and there was. It was transferred in from another store. Unfortunately most of the hardware was missing. Luckily Rob is a "creative" man and as you can see, this crib is held together on one side with phone cord. What you can't see is the ratchet straps that are supporting the bottom of the crib, which is why there is a box underneath. The proper hardware kit is on the way, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of this.

Gramma bought these shirts for the boys to wear on Canada day.

I swear he gets bigger by the second.

So tanned. Like his dad, he looks at the sun and is tanned.


OHN said...

Hello! You are definately a movin kind of family!

LOVE the crib handiwork..what, no duck tape?? ;)

I can't believe that Joey doesn't just swing a leg over and escape to freedom. Mine were escaping at 18 months.

Now go unpack.

Anonymous said...

More pictures please!!!! sil

Rob said...

Joe has found out that he can climb/fall out of the crib. he did it once. We have a twin mattress in front of the crib now just in case.