Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boys and their Toys

Colby has a new sport. Our good friend Barry made a Long Bow for him for his 6th birthday and this is the first time we have had it out since the snow melted. I am not the expert archer that Barry is but I am teaching him everything I can. I do believe that he is going to out grow his long bow in no time. He was actually shooting at full draw when he was actually trying and concentrating.
I ordered a target for Colby and I from SIR last week and was amazed at how quick it got here. It is here and we are going to have a blast. We took it out tonight and flung a few arrows each. Colby is a quick learner and he will catch on in now time.
When we were back in NS for vacation, I picked up my compound bow that Barry had gotten for me back in May while HE was on vacation. I am hooked!
Here is Colby with his bow.

My new toy!!!

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