Sunday, July 20, 2008

For Adam and Barry

I went fishing the other night for the first time. Nothing spectacular at first and then it was like world war three. Almost every cast. I kept 3 but I landed and hooked ALOT more! I think I might actually get a fishing license!


elmo said...

There's only one reason you should be out fishing.... to find the best spots for me and Barry when we visit, and you shouldnt be posting pictures ;)

Bastard..... ;)

So how long are they? What size is the knife?

Rob said...

you keep talking about when you and Barry are going to come up. We'll believe it when we see it. The biggest was 28" I forgot to weigh it. I have to post the pictures to show you what you are missing. I have to make sure you have a reason to come out here.

elmo said...

Well, we've started working on takedown recurve bows that will fit in a suitcase ;)

Rob said...

and.....That really doesn't tell me a whole lot. You will have to finish them first. Since you are making 2 already, why not make a third? I dont have to be there for that. I can give you all my measurements!
Besides, what do the take down bows have to do with fishing??