Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unlikely neighbours

I've never been a "bird watcher", but pelicans amaze me. I would never have thought they would be here. Somehow I always thought they would be much further south. And I believe the other bird is a crane, but I'm not sure. We are still looking for the pelican that is carrying Marlin and Dory, but haven't found him yet.


Anonymous said...

That's a blue heron Tina. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

oh...that was from me.


OHN said...

When I see pix of kids riding bikes and just being kids, it makes me smile ear to ear.

I love all the space you have...I see many field adventures and creature retrievals in your future :)

Mongoose said...

Pelicans come as far north as Fort Smith (but not Hay River). And that's a great blue heron. Cranes don't carry their neck that way. Herons also come up to Smith and not Hay River.