Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Even more!

I hope this isn't a glimpse into Colby's future. I would hope my son wouldn't run away from a woman chasing him while pushing a baby carriage!

I took this picture looking up the road we live on. The driveway you see in front of Joey is ours, which shows up exactly how much space we have on the other side of our house. In the far distance you can just see the baseball field.

Taken from the same spot, just in the other direction. As we are not on the "main drag", I let Colby drive up and down this road on his bike as much as he likes, as there are less than 10 of us that live on this entire street.


Valentina said...

It looks amazing, Tina!!! I want to move there too! Let's be neighbours!!! LOL

Kennie said...

Wow ... green grass and space between houses! I'm jealous!