Saturday, January 10, 2009


For all of you anxiously waiting to find out what a touton is, you'll have to wait until I have my supper and I'll show you!


OHN said...

I want the middle one. Not a piece, the whole middle one. Oh, and send real butter too. Thanks.

Tina said...

Gee Chris, you sure I can't send you a cup of tea to go with it also? :)


I am very proud of you. Now two of my kids no how to make bread. Kassie is next, so they can pass it down to the next generation. Not alot of people make bread the old fashion way. You have made your Mom so proud. BJ WAS THE FIRST NOW YOU and I can't wait to teach Kassie.I know Dad would have love to be here to see your blog,but sweetie he is watching from heaven.He is proud too. Thats my girl. Love Mom