Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little help from my friends

I have a friend here that is looking for some online resources and I thought I would reach out to all of you. My friend has a son with sensory integration dysfunction and is looking for some "real life" help. She is looking for either blogs or websites written by parents / caregivers / support teams etc. She has found many online resources, but is looking for something a little more "close to home" if you know what I mean. Does anyone know of any?


OHN said...

How about a mom whose son has it but she hasn't written about it?

(yes that would be me) We didn't know what it was for a long time but once we found all made sense.

Feel free to give her my email address. I would be happy to tell her our experiences.

Tina said...

I'll do that. You rock.

Tina said...

Chris - you should start a new blog about it! Since there is so little information to be found, I'm sure you'd get a quick group of people who would love to hear your experiences.

Karan said...

Hi Tina,

My sister is the parent of a child with complex and special needs (she cannot walk, speak or eat and there has been no diagnosis). A few years ago she got involved with the Children's Link in Calgary and this eventually led to a position as a family advocate/support worker and now an entire network of friends and parents who walk in her world. These folks could most definitely put her in touch with other parents. Nearly everyone who works there has a child with some type of atypical need/condition.

Here is the link. I hope it is helpful to your friend.