Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures from the last couple days

My little skiier. He loves it and next week will join an after school ski club. The only requirement for the club is that you had to know how to tie your shoes, so he sat down tonight and figured it out! Such a smart kid.
It was finally warm enough to go outside this weekend and play. We tried to build a snowman but since the snow here is so soft it didn't work. So, it started as a "sculpture" but not surpringly became a Pokemon.
I saw this when i was going to work this mroning, and luckily had my camera with me. The lighting was crappy which is why I flipped it to b/w. This truck belongs to one of the women I work with. Her granddaughter's boyfriend drove it out on the ice and got it stuck in slush. So they left it there overnight and dug it out sometime today.

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Gary said...

What a wonderful adventure for all of you! The north has so much to offer.

Both my wife and I are from down-east. She's a Cape Bretoner and I'm from New Brunswick.

We travelled quite a bit throughout our careers and had the good fortune to live for 2 1/2 years up north in Chibougamau, Que. I think the thing that most amazed me was the pristine beauty and the northern lights. The night sky was star-studded and the northern lights seemed to explode across it continually.


Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

I invite you to visit my site at garyross.ca.

A belated healthy and prosperous 2009.