Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Are you a blogger?"

Today I went to The Woodshed, a gift and home store here in town. It's a cute little spot that has home decor and a quaint little cafe that sells the most amazing cheesecake. (Yes Kara, I bought home a piece of it and it was amazing!) When I was in there, I was chatting with the woman in there behind the counter and mentioned that I was only in a town for a short time but was told that I needed to come in and try the cheesecake. When I told her that we were from Rae, she stopped what she was doing, looked straight at me and said:

"Are you a blogger?"

I was initially taken back, and then chuckled.

"Yes", I said, "I do have a blog. "

"I googled pictures of Hay River last night for my friend in Texas and found your blog. I really enjoyed it. "

I walked out of there with a silly grin on my face and feeling quite popular.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That is so neat!! I really love stuff like that. Lots of people who moved to Kugluktuk after us had been reading our blog!

And please send me some cheesecake :)

Indigo said...

Must have been Brenda. She is a great lady and she and her brother co-own that delightful spot. BUT the best dessert is the tiramisu or the flan tartlet. Looks like a big floppy sugar tart but is so creamy and yummy, both hot or cold.

Sory we did not get a chance to stop by for coffee on our way south.

Anonymous said...

HI, my name is Cindy, I am from Regina sk. I have been reading your blogs, trying to learn all I can about Hay River as we will be loading up to move there in a month or so. My husband is going to work for Kingsland Ford. He will be going up there before us, to work and find us a house to rent. I have 3 kids( two who are coming with us)jade,13, janet,16, and pat 20 who is staying in regina.
Its a scary thing to move to such a remote place up north, and my girls are a bit scared they wont be able to make friends, even though both of them are super outgoing!
I love your photos, and Rod and I are photo nuts too! I am a Quebecoise, and have only been out west for 2 years. I am happy to be moving back to small town life. Thanks for your blogs, I have learned so much more than I could have on official sites. For instance that great buyof clothing from the thift shop, I love that kind of stuff! Your kids are beautiful, and your pictures are stunning!
I will keep reading your blogs, and if you have any other pics of the town or weather etc...I would love to see them!