Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Fort Ware Adventure

Good day eh? yeah, uh how's it goin eh? Well, that had to have been the best plane ride I have ever been on! The Pilot was relatively new to the company and made me a little nervous. Well, he would make you nervous too if he was friggin with his ipod while trying to take off. It fell off the console so he decided to take that time to try to pick it up. He also flew the first hour with his hands OFF the yolk. Occasionally deciding to give it a bit of a push/pull or turn to level us out. After he did all his calculations, that I assumed you were supposed to do before you left, he pointed us to the mountains and there the sights began! Flying through these things was amazing. He decided to ignore the "TERRAIN ALERT" warning on his avionics and flew between the peaks of a couple of mountains. WOW! We could have reached out and touched, well not really but it felt like it! The other people on the flight were laughing and covering their eyes, me, I was awe struck flashing pics, but it was too close to even get a good picture. You HAD to be there!

Welcome to Fort Ware!

The store is the Building on the left edge of the picture under the blue house.

More to come! Stay tuned...The "Adventure of the Broken Window" is coming!


Clare said...

Fort Ware! Leah's cousin is working at the Northern in Fort Ware. Say Hi to Anita for me.

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Clare - Rob wanted to let you know that he is staying with Anita and her boyfriend. He is the current manager at the Northern store and Rob will be staying at their house for the next 4 weeks while they are on holidays. Small world!