Saturday, April 19, 2008

I received a message on Facebook a few days ago from a woman who I used to work with. She sent me a link to a song called "You Can Let Go Now Daddy". For those of you who have lost your father, be prepared to bawl your eyes out. I certainly did. I don't mention my dad a lot on the blog, but I still have "Dad moments" that choke me up. But, at this point, I have more good memories than bad and that is what I am hanging on to. This song broke my heart, and found me bawling with my face in my hands.

Anyways, I was telling Jen about the song but for some reason couldn't forward it through Facebook. One click led to another and I ended up on UTube, I place I normally don't spend any time. Which is where I found this little jewel. For those who have not heard the song, I would suggest listening to the original version first. It's a beautiful song, but this version of the words brought a smile where earlier there was a tear.

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