Sunday, April 27, 2008

NWT Blogs

Megan has spearheaded a new competition that I am just thrilled about. She has started Best NWT Blogs, and guess who has been nominated! I would like to thank all who nominated the blog, in not only "Best Blog" catagory, but also a nominations in "Best Post" (Rob and I were both nominated in this catagory, him for his Black Lake nightmare and me for my Rolling Stones Waterfall" and a nomination for Rob in "Best Northern Story", with his post about scheduling at the Northern. I should now make some silly statement about it being an honor to be nominated, but hell, I wanna win! The above picture is the prize for Best Blog in the form of a T-Shirt made by none other than Jen. I have conveniently made the picture into a link so GO VOTE!


Trudie said...

You deserve all of the nominations - and I have alreeady voted! :D

Megan said...

You are doing very well in all categories! This is fun. We'll have three winners in two days.

Anonymous said...

hi Tina. my name is Loren McGinnis and I work for CBC Radio. I just had a great chat with Megan and am now hoping to make contact with you. Can you please email me a phone number at