Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to Fort Ware, Here is a broken window for you!

So, here is the rest of the story. My first day working in the store was prety uneventful, or was it?? We received a call earlier on in the day telling us that there was a guy drunk, passed out in the back yard of the house. Paul tells me that it is not out of the ordinary so we let it go. Around closing, Paul gets a call telling him that someone was trying to get in the house. We are already closing the store so we head home. We get there to find that someone as decided to throw a propane cylinder through the patio window of the house. Ok, I think that broken glass is following me as we had a door smashed at the gas bar in Rae and the picture window was broken at the store. Now, first day here and someone smashes the wondow. We get in touch with the maint manager for the Band as he house we are in is leased to us by the Band. They are responsible for repairs. He comes over and has a look. Paul was concerned that he would be half in the bag on a Friday night. We lucked out and got ahold of him and he came over and boarded up the door for us. First time I haven't had to fix it myself. Although I did go out with Paul tonight and tighten it up and re-enforce it.

The next thing we do is call the RCMP and take some pictures. I am afraid I deleted them after burning them and giving them to the RCMP 24 hours later. We called them Friday night and they finally show up around 7pm Saturday night. The RCMP detatchment is an hour away and I guess Tsay Kay was VERY crazy as well. They tell us that they have the suspect in custody and after talking to the 2 officers Paul decides that it would probably be best to let the Band go after the guy for the damages and whatever punishment they decide, rather then have Paul testify in court.

So, tonight, we get a knock on the door. I open it up, "Is Paul home?" It's the guy who broke the window. I guess he didn't remember doing it. That is what happens when people drink around here. He apologized to Paul. I guess someone told him what he did and TOLD him to apologize. No harm done, Band is going to fix it, all is right with the world for another 24 hours...well...maybe just 12 hours.

This is the beginning of an adventure I can see it already. I am liking it so far. This time I have satellite TV and surround sound, DVD player, internet and phone, a 4 wheeler, fishing and mountains...the only draw back is being away from Tina and the boys for so long. Take care y'all!


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Don't fall too much in love with the fishing and terrain! Although our new province won't have the mountains, we will have a beach!

Rob said...

There are lots of other things there too! I think there is a curling rink and hockey rink there too! Not to mention the hunting! ;)