Thursday, April 10, 2008

There just might be hope for me yet

Everyone who knows me knows how frugal I am when it comes to buying stuff for myself. I will spend entire days buying stuff for Rob and the kids, but hate to spend money on anything new for me. When we went to pick Rob up from the North Mart yesterday, we decided to go in and walk around. Rob is spending a week at the retail store this week. When we first walked in, they had a display table with womens sneakers for 50% off. These are the sneakers I fell in love with. I tried them on, knowing full well that even at 50% off I wasn't going to buy them. As soon as I had them on, Rob pulled out his card and said

"I was going to buy sneakers for you tonight. Go pay for them."

I nearly put them back, but then I just couldn't. The only shoes I have right now are 2 pairs of Crocs (one set is nearly 2 years old and the other are my winter ones) and my snow / hiking boots. I didn't even think twice about them, even though they have pink on them. And I HATE pink. Luckily, most of the pink on them are on the bottom so you can't really see it, and the pink on the Reebox is covered for the most part by my jeans. And honestly, if it wasn't for Rob being there, I would have passed them up. I love my hubby.


Trudie said...

Oh Tina!
Why shouldn't you spend money on yourself every now and then?

kellie said...

I love them, now I have to find a pair

jen said...

Looks like you can really bounce in those shoes.
If you really really hate are going to LOVE my new snowmobile helmet!!!! It's pink! I guess I better not tell you I have pink flip flops, you might not be my friend anymore lol!

Rob said...

I think You are OK Jen. There is no worry about Tina being out in public with you. You can enjoy them all on your own without having the FLIP FLOP Nazi yelling at you.

Indigo said...

those are serious four wheel drive runners. Very cool.