Sunday, February 08, 2009

Here fishy fishy!

The rest of the pictures are HERE (link is fixed, more pictures here)

We took the boys out on the lake today as there was a fishing derby today. It was initially a little unnerving parking on the ice and walking around, but I quickly got over it and had some real fun with the boys. At one point Rob had the camera and took some great shots of the shoreline, and me playing with the boys.


Way Way Up said...

Funny you should have a post on ice fishing. I was going through some old albums and came across my ice fishing pictures from up in La Loche. Northern SK definitely has the best ice fishing around in my opinion.

OHN said...

Did you hear about the fisherman that were stuck out on a broken ice flow in Lake Erie? This is in my neck of the woods and they are in trouble with the authorities for being stupid :)

Our ice isn't as thick as yours!