Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Random things about me

I've been tagged a few times and I have finally caved to the pressure.

1.) I've been married for almost 11 years, and been with Rob for over 13 years.

2.) I've lived in 4 provinces, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan.

3.) I'm a certified Physiotherapy Assistant but haven't worked in physiotherapy in 10 years.

4.) The vehicle I am now driving is the first automatic I have driven in 10 years.

5.) Some of my closest friends are bloggers that I have never met in person.

6.) I first realized I wanted to take pictures when I bought a camera with my dad and bought a zoom lens to go with it.

7.) I had a home typing business for 3 years.

8.) I worked nights/ backshift at the same time I ran my typing business.

9.) I sometimes wonder how I was lucky enough to find my soul mate so early in my life.

10.) There are times that I still can't believe my dad is gone.

11.) I want to make a t-shirt that says "I'm gonna blog that"

12.) I have had the honor of reading and helping to edit Tawny's novel, and can't wait to see it in print.

13.) I'm insanely jealous of Sasha's photography skills.

14.) Photoshop scares me to death.

15.) I'm addicted to buying shoes and purses.

16.) I'm more in love with Rob now than I was was when I married him, if that is even possible.

17.) I can't imagine ever living in a big city again after living where we are.

18.) I would love to build a house and stay in Ile a la Crosse, but I know that is not possible.

19.) I work at a preschool because it was the only job I could find, and now I don't want to give it up.

20.) I have 2 of the smartest children I've ever met

.21.) I'm addicted to Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series, and think of the main characters as real people.

22.) I have two husbands, and love them both fiercely in my own way.

23.) I have 2 of the smartest children I've ever met.

24.) I'm pissed Rob takes better night / long exposure pictures than I do.

25.) I can't wait to learn to bow hunt so I can hunt turkeys.


OHN said...

Thanks for the peek into Tina's real life ;)


dawn mclaughlin said...

I was surprised by the shoes and handbags, considering past conversations!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I love number 11!!!