Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog share participants

http://andyouknow.wordpress.com/ http://andreaunplugged.wordpress.com/ http://sconniegirl99.typepad.com http://brightyellowworld.com/ http://bbwilder.blogspot.com/ http://caityofthekeps.wordpress.com/ http://catheroo.com/ http://citystreams.wordpress.com/ http://dailytannenbaum.com/ http://tracyoutloud.blogspot.com/ http://failedmommy.com/ http://facedown.wordpress.com/ http://forthelongrun.blogspot.com/ http://fullofsnark.com/ http://heidikins.com/ http://javaliterally.blogspot.com/ http://littlepieceoftexas2.blogspot.com/ http://lizgwiz.blogspot.com/ http://malfeasance-courtney.blogspot.com/ http://onenewduck.blogspot.com/ http://nonsoccermom.com/ http://rankin-inlet.blogspot.com/ http://notthedaddy.blogspot.com/ http://pinkherring.typepad.com/ http://melliferouspants.wordpress.com/ http://redredwhine.com/ http://sassy-buster.blogspot.com/ http://saunteringsoul.blogspot.com/ http://shushingaction.blogspot.com/ http://snarke.net/ http://snowcoveredhills.com/ http://swimming-with-sharks.blogspot.com/ http://3carnations.blogspot.com/ http://waywayup.blogspot.com/ http://whiskeymarie.com/

This is the list of all the blogs involved in the blog share. I was hoping one of my northern friends would put this list on their blogs so I could cut and paste it instead of cutting it from my email and deleting a bunch of stuff, but no such luck. You poopy-heads better not have been waiting for me to do this so you could copy it! :)


OHN said...

TINA! I have a JOB! How am I supposed to earn a living when I HAVE to read all these blogs? You KNOW I need to start at day one to read their stories.

How could you do this to me??

newduck said...

This is my third blog share and I just discovered the BEST THING EVAH. You know how our e-mail had the list with all sorts of weird code looking stuff in it? All you have to do is copy that and paste it into your blog post, while you're in that weird "edit html" mode in blogger. When you publish the post it then looks completely normal and the blogs are LINKED. It's awesome.