Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going on a sleighride

This week is Winter Break, and the school has been closed all week. Due to this, there have been many activities planned around town for the kids, a sleigh ride being one of them. Joe and I joined them for the first part of the ride, but it was too cold for him so we bailed out early (the ride was across the lake to the highschool and back). Colby of course stayed on for the whole thing. As always, the rest of the pictures can be seen HERE


jods said...

What a beautiful shot!

Nanny said...

Wow it looks like everyone had alot of fun especially Colby.I love the picture where Joey is looking at Rob.Great pictures Tina but it looked like you were very cold. Mom

Kari said...

I became a Just Below 63 blog fan when my husband applied for a position in Ile a la Crosse. I enjoy looking at the pictures and stories of Ile a la Crosse. It helps to paint a good picture of our future home! :)