Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mail call!

We got an abdundance of mail today, much to Colby's delight. Thanks to Nanny and Gramma Jeannine for the packages and cards! For the rest of the pictures, check out HERE

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Mom/Nanny said...

Glad the my boys liked there gift for Valetines.Alan also loved his ,Nannys other little boy.They are my pride and joy.There's no words to express having grandchildren.There's a special love with a grandchild. They give me a reason to go on.Everyone that has a grandchild,enjoy them,they grow up so fast.Love and cherish them as I do mine.I want to thank Tina and B.J for making my days a little easier and giving me a reason to get up each morning and Kassie for taking good care of her Mom.Ilove you all very much in my own special way. Mom