Monday, February 02, 2009

My 6 drinks

I read Tawny's blog the other day and she did a post summarizing her life in 6 drinks. There is a "note" circulating around facebook about "25 random things", but I'll save that for another post.

My 6 drinks.

1.) When I think of my childhood drink, it would have to be Crosby's Orange Tang Crystals. Even as I type this I can feel the tingle of the after taste of the juice, and the smell of the puff of cloud that floats up when you pour the crystals into the water.

2.) The next drink that comes to mind is tea. More specifically, tea with milk and sugar. This was a morning routine with my dad, dipping toast slices into tea. To this day I still do this.

3.) Coffee. This started in high school as a coffee in the morning before class, and has escalated to the morning habit it is today. I have tried Star Bucks and Second Cup, and did not like either of them. Tim Horton`s will always be first in my heart, with McDonald`s coffee a very close second.

4.) Kaluha. This is a drink that was first introduce to me after high school. It brings back fond memories of driving around with my friend Sarah Taylor in her very old and tempermental Honda Civic, and walking around at parties not knowing anyone and carrying around a 1L of milk mixed with kaluha. As I grew older, this became a favorite drink with Genevieve and I, and later still as the secret ingredient in "mommy's special coffee".

5. Mimosas. This is a christmas morning tradition with Rob and I. Nothing better than champagne and orange juice on an empty belly while watching hyper children open presents.

6.) Rum. Since moving to the North, I have acquired a taste for rum, whether it's mixed in coke or added to fruit smoothies on a warm summer's night.

And, as always, I challenge you to do your own list. I can't wait to see who does this one!

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honey bee said...

Hi Tina--I lived in Fort Smith one summer, but had to travel to Hay River, where the hotel owner said I could stay only if I agreed to be locked in my room! (1972--bit of a frontier town). In Fort Smith, my HQ that summer, if you wanted to bake cookies and went to the Bay (now Northern Store) to buy Vanilla, it was a Controlled Substance, so kept under lock and key behind the counter--but if you asked for it, the smallest size available was a quart! Gotta love The North!

Mara Feeney, Author of "Rankin Inlet: A Novel"