Friday, February 06, 2009

25 Random things about Rob

Couldn't have one without the other, now could we? Alright Adam, it's your turn now!!!

1. I recently took up archery

2. I have lost 40 lbs since the summer

3. I only have ONE wife and she never lets me forget it

4. I lied, apparently I have a WORK wife who is my 2IC in the store, she nags as much as #1 ;)

5. My friends always ask me where I found Tina and if there were any more like her.

6. My wife is my best friend, sorry Adam, you are #2 in the friend category...

7. I let people take advantage of my easy going nature, WAY TOO OFTEN...

8. My boys are my second and third loves of life, TINA being #1

9. I take WAY better night pictures than TINA because I don't want to show her how in fear she may steal my thunder as she is a WAY better photographer, I just get lucky...

10. I am currently attempting to Follow my Dream and we will leave it at that for now!

11. I have never been as close to anyone than I am with Tina.

12. I feel closer to my parents now than I did when I was only 20 minutes away from them.

13. My butt hurts from running, just thought you should know...

14. Hunting and Fishing are my 2 favorite passtimes.

15. I recently had Laser Eye Surgery...LOVING IT!

16. I once said that I would NEVER own another FORD...I wonder what happened.

17. I am the store Manager of the "Northern" Store here in Ile a la Crosse and I love it.

18. I am not planning on working in the BIG city any time soon.

19. I am NOT planning on working in retail/Grocery for the rest of my career if I can help it!

20. I have recently had the desire to learn to fly airplanes. I don't know why because I am afraid of heights.

21. I have always wanted to try sky diving, I don't know why...same as me crazy

22. I love to ride a motorcycle, it is very relaxing.

23. I SOLD my motorcycle to buy a used QUAD and Tina's FIRST digital SLR camera!

24. TINA sold her CAR so I could buy a truck.

25. I can't wait to get back to NS to see my family again. Once a year just doesn't seem enough after Tina lost her Dad a little over a year ago.


OHN said...

But didn't reveal any secrets...c'mon the internet world needs some giggle fodder ;)

Rob said...

What is the good of having secrets if you tell people! I like making people guess!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Wow... this seems like a lot of sucking up to the wifey.... hehheheh

Rob said...

Not sucking up...I call it positive Marital POlitics!

elmo said...

What!!! I've been downgraded??? Or is that marital politics :) Was talking with Barry on the weekend... are you doing any scouting yet? He wants bear with the bow, I want fly fishing. When are we coming up?

Rob said...

Still looking into somewhere we can fly fish. Not a lot of places in the North. We would have to go farther south. As for Bears, well, there are more than enough of them to go around here.